We Have Been Focusing on and Supporting Education; "Future Star" Fosun Pharma Scholarship Award Ceremony atChinaPharmaceuticalUniversity


On the afternoon of April 13, "Future Star" Fosun Pharma Scholarship Award Ceremony was held in the lecture hall of Economy and Management Building of Jiangning Campus, China Pharmaceutical University with many people participating in the ceremony, including advisor of Fosun Pharmaceutical Industry Management Committee Li Xianlin who acted as an award?presenter as the 78th alumni of China Pharmaceutical University, deputy Secretary of Party committee and vice principal of China Pharmaceutical University Wang Zhenghua, relevant functional departments heads of personnel division, student affairs division, graduate school, dean's office, each school and school league committee, and hundreds of students and teachers.

After successively presenting awards of 2015 Fosun Pharma Scholarship to 5 outstanding young staff, 5 excellent League school cadres and 15 outstanding graduate students, Song Qinxin, a teacher from pharmacy school, and Zhong Lei, a student from pharmaceutical engineering school respectively expressed gratitude to Fosun Pharma, and appealed to awarded teachers and students to be thankful and work hard, so as to make achievements in their positions and live up to expectations on behalf of awarded staff and students. Their speeches fully reflected rigorous and realistic style as well as aggressive study attitude ofChinaPharmaceuticalUniversity.

Advisor of Fosun Pharmaceutical Industry Management Committee Li Xianlin and vice principal of China Pharmaceutical University Wang Zhenghua respectively made a speech as the heavyweight guests. Facing teachers and students present, as an alumni, senior graduate and senior manager of business circle, Li Xianning shared Fosun Pharma’s development history and current situation, showed Fosun Pharma’s sincerity on always focusing on education and vigorously participating in social welfare undertakings by centering on the corporate values of “self-improvement, teamwork, performance and contribution to society”, and encouraged students to study hard and contribute to society through his own life experience.

In the speech of Wang Zhenghua, deputy Secretary of Party committee and vice principal, on behalf of the university, he expressed gratitude to Fosun Pharma Group for the support all the time, encouraged awarded teaching staff to be dedicated and cultivated, encouraged awarded students to keep their faiths, work hard and forge ahead, and appealed to teachers and students to actively learn from the winners, rewarding the university, caring for society and serving the country with their wisdom and dedication.

The award ceremony culminated with the oath of China Pharmaceutical University jointly read by all participants. Fosun Pharma will continue to focus on and support education and go on cooperating with China Pharmaceutical University hand in hand, helping more excellent teachers and students in seeking knowledge, creating more and better teaching practice interactions, and carrying out more discussion and practices in the aspect of training more and better medical and pharmaceutical talents for positive interaction and upgraded cooperation between the two sides. Meanwhile, Fosun Pharma congratulatedChinaPharmaceuticalUniversityon upcoming 80th anniversary and wish it would achieve the goal of a double-first university, educating more talents for Chinese medicine, medical treatment cause.