Fosun Pharma’s Report Was Awarded Again as the Best CSR Report

On Sept.16th of 2010, “Share A Listed Enterprises Social Responsibility Report and Social Responsibility Investment Summit Forum, Election and Awards Ceremony for Listed Enterprises’ Social Responsibility Reports” has been held in Beijing, which was sponsored jointly by RKS, Financial Media as well as DNA Bureau Veritas, the leading risk management institution around the world. Corporate Social Responsibility Report of 2009, the report released by Fosun Pharma, has been listed the third among 471 Share A listed enterprises by total marks as 76.14 (full mark is 100). The report was awarded repeatedly as “Best Social Responsibility Report in Pharmaceutical and Biological Industry”, and meanwhile, it was also awarded as “Best Social Responsibility Report Evaluated by Public”.

Fosun Pharma’s Corporate Social Responsibility Report of 2009, with Grade AA and total mark of 76.14, has been listed as the top three enterprises following Ping An Insurance Company of China (78.71) and China Shenhua Energy Company (78.49). This is the second time for Fosun Pharma to get this award after its Corporate Social Responsibility Report of 2008 which had been listed as First Enterprise in Biological Industry and one of top 10 in annual evaluation.

Since 2009 when Fosun Pharma released its initial Corporate Social Responsibility Report, it has been endeavoring to assist to improve its innovations and practices in social responsibility by editing the report. In the evaluation report provided by RKS, it indicated that Fosun Pharma’s Corporate Social Responsibility Report of 2009 was undertaken to summarize its social responsibility strategy and management, and some responsibility practices in economy, environment, quality and safety, staff training, corporate culture as well as in social public benefits. The shining points of this report are that it illustrates explicitly corporate social responsibility strategies, strategy management methods and ways to achieve the strategies, has clear understanding on social responsibility management construction and practices and described comprehensively social responsibility management policies; reveals effectively current situations and extensions of the enterprise taking part into related policies and laws; includes numerous cases about social responsibilities and reflects really the performance of its subsidiaries.