Students of Fudan University Won the Fourth “Fosun Pharma Scholarship”

In the afternoon of November 2, 2010, the joint award ceremony of "Fosun Pharma Scholarship in the College of Life Sciences, Fudan University," "Fosun Pharma Teaching Awards in the College of Life Sciences, Fudan University", “Tan Jiazhen Scholarship in the College of Life Sciences, Fudan University” and “Fu Manyun Aided to Learn Scholarship” was held successfully in the Guanghua Building in the Fudan University. Among them, 14 outstanding students were awarded for the first and second “Fosun Pharma Scholarship”, more than 30 hard working teachers were awarded for “Fosun Pharma Teaching Awards”. Jin Li, vice president of Fudan University, Chen Qiyu, chairman of Fosun Pharma, Academician Tan Jiazhen and his wife Mrs Qiu Yunfang, Zhang Honglian, division chief of the exterior communication division of Fudan University, Ma Hong, dean of college of life science of Fudan University, Ye Jingzhong, secretary of college of life science of Fudan University, and Chen Yuqing, vice general manager of the human resources department of Fosun Pharma and so on attended the ceremony.

On September 23, 2006, just on the 20th anniversary of the College of Life Sciences and the 80th anniversary of the establishment of Biology Department of Fudan University, Fosun Pharma donated one million yuan to the College of Life Sciences of Fudan University for the establishment of "Fosun Pharma Scholarship in the College of Life Sciences, Fudan University," and "Fosun Pharma Teaching Awards in the College of Life Sciences, Fudan University", the former being mainly used to award scholarships to freshmen and sophomores who are outstanding in their study but come from poor families, and the latter being awarded to young teachers for research and innovation incentives.

After the award ceremony, Ms Qiu Yunfang made the speech, and she encouraged students not to satisfy in the present achievement, but to look forward to the future success, to move forward constantly, to guard against arrogance and rashness, so as to become the pillars of society earlier and to fight for a prosperous and powerful motherland and happy people.

During his speech, Chairman Chen Qiyu introduced the development history,? development model and core values of Fosun Pharma , that was “Self-improvement, Family Harmony, Career Development, Social Responsibility”, he said, Fosun Pharma would realize “Social Responsibility” to reward the society through its sustained development, besides, he revealed talent concept of Fosun Pharma through 17 years’ talent development, and that was to attract talents by development, unit people with one cause, cultivate staff in working and assess people according to their performance. He also said that the enterprise evaluation focused on the following two aspects: one was the performance evaluation to check the profit each year; the other was the corporation social responsibility to check how many things had been done by the enterprise so as reward the society and undertake corporation social responsibility. The speech of chairman Chen Qiyu fully reflected the attention and advocation of serving the society by Fosun Pharmac.

Students Jiang Tianyi and professor Dong Aiwu expressed thanks to Fosun Pharma? on behalf of the students and the teachers respectively, and they also called for the students and teachers to be grateful and work hard to make achievement in their own capacity and live up to expectations.

Vice President Jin li, thanked Fosun Pharma on behalf of Fudan University for its support given to the cause of education of Fudan University. He hoped that all the students not to only regard the scholarship at the material level, but also understand the culture and spirit of Fosun Pharma Group contained in the scholarship and understand the contribution and reward to the society to alma mater by people in Fosun. He sincerely hoped that all the teachers and students could be the one like people in Fosun in the future, to reward alma mater, care for the society and serve the country with their own wisdom, dedication and wealth, and always carry forward the tradition of love and dedication of professor Tan and his wife.

When the award ceremony ended, Chen Yuqing, vice general manager of human resources of Fosun Pharma introduced the development history and 2011 recruitment plan, and answered the questions and communicated with the students about the recruitment related questions.