Fosun Pharmaceutical was Awarded for Innovative Enterprise by Ministry of Science and Technology

In March 2011, Fosun Pharma got news from the Ministry of Science and Technology that, after two years of cultivation, which was after it was awarded for Innovative Pilot Enterprise by Ministry of Science and Technology in 2008, Fosun Pharma had been officially elected in Ministry of Science and Technology Innovation Enterprise List.

In order to improve the innovation consciousness and establish the innovative values, Fosun Pharma has been always putting the innovation in the most important development position and formulated the innovation strategy planning and revised it every year. Meanwhile, the company increases investment in R&D, at present, its investment in R&D accounts for more than 7.5% of the industrial sales revenue. Fu Jiemin, vice President and head of technology center said, Fosun Pharma had established “Blockbuster Product Strategy” and “Intellectual Property Rights Strategy Based on Patents”, the continuously improved innovation ability not only enriched the technological innovation achievements that could bring considerable economic benefits, but also enhanced the internationalization ability through complying with the international pharmaceutical standard.

It is reported that through the R&D platform of Chongqing Pharmaceutical Research Institute, Chongqing Fochon (domestic innovation medicine company) and Henlius Biotech (monoclonal antibody drug company) and cooperation with team of the American scientists, Fosun Pharma has established its international research team and set up America R&D base to promote generics and innovation drugs R&D continuously, strengthen its innovation capability and product competitiveness as well as positively follow the latest technology frontier of global pharmaceutical industry, improving the combined generics and innovation drugs R&D system.

Meanwhile, the company has built a large number of technical platforms, which can undertake all development tasks from upstream to downstream, from pre-clinical to clinical test drugs. In 2010, Fosun Pharma, as the leading company, together with other 8 companies ( Tianjin Pharmaceutical Holdings Ltd, Tianjin Kingyork Group Co., Ltd, Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry, Tianjin Institute of Pharmaceutical Research, WuXi AppTec, China Pharmaceutical University, China Pharmaceutical Industry Research and Development Association ) jointly formed “Fosun Pharmal Technical Innovation Strategy Alliance”, and was approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology, which realized the seamless connection of R&D and manufacturing and gave confidence to? Fosun Pharma’s R&D system. In the same year, “monoclonal antibody alliance”, with Fosun Pharma as the leading company and together with other 4 companies, was also approved respectively by Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission and Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization.

Fosun Pharma continuously increases the investment in pharmaceutical R&D through innovation and integration, and actively develops cooperation with domestic and overseas outstanding enterprise and team, integrates resources so as to achieve a win-win situation, and provide people with safer and more effective drugs.