Fosun Pharma Won China Top 10 Pharma Enterprises with the Most Investment Value

The award for The 3rd China’s Top 20 Most Competitive Listed Pharmaceutical Enterprises & 2011 Top 10 Listed Pharmaceutical Enterprises with Most Investment Value, sponsored by China Pharmaceutical Enterprises Management Committee, organized by Healthcare Executive Magazine Press and Hejun Consulting, has unveiled recently. Fosun Pharma was honored as 2011 China’s Top 10 Listed Pharmaceutical Enterprises with Most Investment Value.

It is learned this award had been initiated from February, 2011, after 5-month statement analysis for 153 Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises with over RMB 100.00 million annually sales revenue and listed on NASDAQ, which coming from Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Singapore, New York, with 9 indicators being taken as the basic data from companies’ performances in last year, including sales revenue, profit, equity market capitalization, as well as sales growth, profit growth, market value growth, and return on equity (ROE), asset liability ratio, current ratio, correspondingly, the industrial dimension, management dimension, and capital dimension have been built and scored by weighted average calculation, which accounts for 68% of the total score, and the scores of executive dimension (executive quality, management team) and resources dimension (shareholders resources, independence) compose of the remaining 32% of the total score.

In terms of market value, despite the pattern of stock market in the end of last year has changed, for the whole year’s performance of listed companies on TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) sector, it has the powerful influence. As per statistics, the listed companies in pharmaceutical industry have realized the business income of RMB 317.604 billion in 2010, an increase of 19.69% compared to last year; the net profit reached RMB 29.145 billion, 11.95% rise compared to previous year; in the situation of entire A-share market down 6.8% in 2010, the pharmaceutical sector climbed 29.7%, beat the market by a 36 % lead and ranked No. 2 among all industries on market performance. On respect of profitability, the average ROE of top 20 enterprises in the shortlist has reached 19.57%, among them, 8 out of 20 are over 20% and no one is below 10%.

By 7th, July, the equity market capitalization of our pharmaceutical sector accounts for 3.99% of the all market value of shares in Shanghai and Shenzhen markets, at boom moment of pharmaceutical sector in 2010, the concerned ratio reached above 4.8%, said Ji Xuwo, Director of UBS Securities Company Limited. What particularly worth to mention is China started to overtake India on this indicator. We should say pharmaceutical sector has steadily become middle-cap sector and large-cap sector from the early years’ small-cap sector, which is keeping the pace with the development of China’s pharmaceutical industry and also the procedure of China’s outstanding pharmaceutical enterprises which cultivating core competence for themselves.

According to the knowledge, in the background of flowingly pursuing small-cap shares in 2010, due to it is good on growing and rich in concept, the pharmaceutical listed companies become one of the popular sectors in the market. As the leading roles of all sections of pharmaceutical industry, the enterprises eventually being selected in the list are clearly emerging as leaders on the growth of overall performance of pharmaceutical sector.