Fosun Pharma’s Future Star Welfare System won 2013 Case Award of Sustainable Development in China

2012-2013 Sustainable Development in China Summit Forum and Award Ceremony sponsored by The Economic Observer was held in Beijing on Nov. 28th, 2013. Fosun Pharma was on the list with its Future Star welfare system case, among other 12 winners incl. BMW Brilliance, GE, Coca-Cola and J&J.

Education in the pharmaceutical industry has relationships with everyone in the society. As a typical model in China’s pharmaceutical industry, Fosun Pharma has been actively supporting education. Launched in 2010, the Future Star Program is aimed at driving success for more outstanding talents to become bright future stars through the corporate supports.

Since its being listed in 1998, Fosun Pharma has participated in and organized a large number of public service activities throughout many countries and regions in the fields of education and research, environmental protection, healthcare, social needs and culture. It’s Future Star Welfare Program has currently formed an optimized system, which represents CSR and contribution to the society via education supports, research funding, community medical service, rescue of sick orphans, donations for needy, disaster aid, etc. Since its launch, the Program has totally sponsored more than 200 outstanding students and teachers, helping promote education in China and nurture industrial talents.

This move reflects Fosun Culture and Spirit of the Group, and Fosun People’s contributions and returns to the society. In the future, Fosun Pharma will promote social progress in the broader fields, together for the development of China’s medicine and life science.