6th “Tan Jiazhen Life Science Award” Ceremony held, Fosun Pharma funded the “Industrialization Award”

The 6th “Tan Jiazhen Life Science Award” Ceremony was held in the University of Science and Technology of China on November 10. Zhang Xuemin, Member of the Chinese Academy of Science and Director of the National Center of Biomedical Analysis, Academy of Military Medical Science and Han Jiahuai, Professor of the College of Life Science, Xiamen University were granted “Tan Jiazhen Life Science Achievement Award”. “Tan Jiazhen Life Science Award” is the highest award of life science in China.

The chief scientist of the national key science research project, academician Zhang Xuemin, who has learned a great deal about oncology implemented the thorough and systematic study on the association between inflammation and cancer with clinical findings. He, together with his team discovered a new type of protein CUEDDC2 at the molecular level that plays the key role in the closing mechanism when the signal channel of NF-κB is activated by inflammasomes and eventually achieved systematic innovation accomplishments. Professor Han Jiahuai, who has been engaged in the study of cell signaling for years explored signal channel of inflammatory response to acute stress at the molecular, cell and animal models level and its role in inflammation lesion. He, for the first time in the world, discovered the stress-response gene and protein p38.

Chen Daijie, Vice President of the China State Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry and research fellow, who was granted Industrialization Award has been committed to the industrialization of antimicrobial drug for 30 years. Cyclosporine A is now the anti-rejection drug of choice clinically. Under his leadership, the project of the key technology for production of Cyclosporine A and its application with new technological idea accomplished radical innovation in the two key technologies of fermentation, which significantly improved the quality of the products with some specifications higher than those of foreign original manufacturer and therefore broke the monopoly of imported products. The research finding won the first prize of 2004 Shanghai Science and Technology Advancement Award and the second prize of 2005 State Science and Technology Advancement Award.

“Tan Jiazhen Life Science Innovation Award” was also presented to Wang Jun, President of Shenzhen Genomics Institute and research fellow, Zhu Xueliang, Vice Director of Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, SIBS, CAS, Shanghai, Wu Jiawei, Professor of School of Life Science, Tsinghua University , Zhang Hong, research fellow of Institute of Biophysics, CAS, Zhang Weidong, Dean of Teaching and Research Section of Natural Medicine Chemistry, School of Pharmacy, Second Military Medical University, Zhou Jian, Professor of Liver Cancer Institute of Fudan University, Zhou Qi, Vice Director of Institute of Zoology, CAS, Yu Li, Professor of School of Life Science, Tsinghua University and Ph.D. Adviser and Jiang Zhengfan, Professor of School of Life Science, Peking University.

It was learned that with great support to “Tan Jiazhen Life Science Award”, Fosun Pharma specially funded “Tan Jiazhen Life Science Industrialization Award”. There were 62 recommendations received and 59 people nominated in total. 12 excellent scholars throughout the country were granted Achievement Award, Industrialization Award and Innovation Award by judging panel after rigorous assessment.

Over the past 6 years, there have been 12 achievement award winners (including 9 academicians of CAS and CAE) and 56 innovation award winners selected. “Tan Jiazhen Life Science Award” has become one of the most influential awards in life science in China. Rao Zihe, Director of Awards Committee pointed out that “Tan Jiazhen Life Science Award” is aimed to drive scientific research, technological innovation and R&D in life science, promote the wide application of innovation achievements and the hi-tech industrialization and motivate scientists and technicians in this field. Through unremitting efforts, the winners made the international leading accomplishments or filled up the gap with the foreign advanced level. It was these outstanding scientific workers that made great contributions to the improvement of our scientific and technological level along with the upgrade of national economic strength.