Fosun Foundation provided Free Healthcare Consulting to Communities

Summer Care –a healthcare consulting activity which was jointly organized by Fosun Foundation, For Me Pharmacy,a subsidiary of Fosun Pharma and Forte Group was held in three communities of Forte Group in Shanghai on Aug. 2nd to provide free health advisory service. Approximately 30 pharmacists and volunteers from For Me Pharmacy and Fosun Group were on site. Meanwhile, 78 stores in Shanghai of For Me Pharmacy will provide a week of free health testing and consulting service from Aug. 2nd to 8th.

During the activity, pharmacists from For Me Pharmacy gave free testing of heat stroke, hyperpiesia and hyperglycaemia among other common diseases in summer, as well as free gifts such as family kits and summer drugs like Essential Balm, anti-mosquito sticker, Agastachis Liquid and Longhu Pill. Membership cards of For Me Pharmacy were also available and free of charge to facilitate purchase of drugs.

The activity enhances the brand awareness of Fosun Charity Foundation, serves as a feedback of inhabitants, and increases the interaction between For Me Pharmacy and the community residents.

According to statistics, the community activity received nearly 180 residents mainly aged 50 to 70, who thought highly of the activity.

A resident from Xindu Guoji said that the testing and counseling service pertaining to common conditions in summer is very good, because we usually barely pay attention to these little problems. After testing and counseling, now we understand what to pay attention. Another resident from Shanghai Zhiyin expressed sincere gratitude to For Me Pharmacy and its service for the community.

Volunteers from Fosun Group have given great support to the charity activity. According to Liu Yechen, Public Affairs of Fosun Group, hefelt rewarding to devote ourselves and contribute to the charity activity.

Wu Zhiliang, Secretary-General of Fosun Foundation said, ”Fosun Group has long been attaching great importance to the corporate social responsibility (CSR), and fulfills obligations as a corporate citizen. The activity is a contribution to society which has combined the group industrial resources and employee volunteers, and all the staff onsite are our employee volunteers. We will build a sustainable mechanism for such activities in future. Our pharmacists and doctors have provided professional health advisory and free drugs in summer; and we hope it useful to the health of the residents.”

For Me Pharmacy owns nearly 500 stores covering main commercial sections, buildings, trunk roads, as well as the communities and educational institutions in Shanghai. With its reliable products, excellent reputation and quality professional service, For Me Pharmacy, welcome and loved by the public, becomes an advocate and servant of rational drug use for Shanghai citizens.