Medical aid sent by Fosun Pharma arrived at the hit area in time

Immediately after the magnitude 7.0-earthquake hit Ya’an Lushan county at 8:02am on April 20, Chairman of Fosun Group Guo Guangchang, Vice Chairman & CEO Liang Xinjun and other managements held an urgent meeting to organize related departments to set up relief and rescue work.

Fosun Public Welfare Foundation prepared the first batch of relief materials valued RMB2,000,000 (including 252 boxes of drugs valued RMB500,000) and immediately delivered them to the hit area. Fosun Pharma and its affiliates gave active response to materials preparation. Mr. Shen Chaowei, Chairman of For Me Pharmacy participated in drugs preparation on the spot for timely delivery to the hit area. He said that upon receiving the urgent notification, they were dedicated to prepare all drugs needed within 2 to 3 hours. Under his instruction, staffs from the purchasing and logistics departments rushed to the pharmacy from home and started preparing and packing materials promptly, because they thought time was life to the people in the hit area for that moment. In the end, thanks to the efforts of 20 staffs, 252 boxes of relief materials with 8 categories were collected and packed in 3 hours and delivered to the airport by driver immediately.

It was learnt that due to the close of Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, this batch of drugs and other materials arrived at Shanghai Pudong Airport at 3:00pm on April 20 and reached Chongqing at 9:00pm on the same day with the help of Juneyao Airlines, a subsidiary of Juneyao Group. In the early morning of April 21, they reached Chengdu and were immediately sent to the hit area by the local Red Cross.