Fosun Pharma Undertook the 8th Seminar on Malaria Prevention and Control for Asian and African Countries

On 11 April 2013, the “2013 Seminar on Malaria Prevention and Control for Asian and African Countries”, sponsored by Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China and undertaken by Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Development Co. Ltd., opened successfully in The Second Military Medical University. This two-week seminar has recruited 14 trainee representatives from nine Asian and African countries, who are experienced professional coordinators to the national malaria control project of their countries. The seminar is aimed to build a platform for those experts to share successful experience and improve their understanding of malaria prevention and control by training courses, discussions and field investigation
Ms. Jin Ying, representative from the Foreign Economic Cooperation Department of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, and Mr. Li Dongjiu, the Senior Vice President of Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Group attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech.

Ms. Jin Ying said, China always maintains mutual respect, equal treatment, mutual benefit and joint development with countries in Asia and Africa countries. Although China is still a developing country, we are always active and conscientious in fulfilling the obligations of foreign aid, and exchanging demanded products and helping other Asian and African countries so as to build a better and more harmonious world.

Mr. Li Dongjiu, on behalf of Fosun Pharma, extended a warm welcome to all participants and his best wishes to the seminar. Mr. Li hope all participants to communicate with each other, and to share the global anti-malarial wisdom so as to enhance the friendship between China and other countries in Asia and Africa.

In addition to the two-week training courses, the attendees will visit Guilin Pharma, Forsun Pharma’s core subsidiary company specialized in production of anti-malaria drugs. The participants will visit Guilin Pharma’s state-of-the-art tablet production workshops, injection production workshops and warehouses, so as to get a better understanding of the Chinese pharmaceutical industry.

Committed to the development of healthcare industry in China, Fosun Pharma actively participate in the Chinese government foreign aid programs The “Seminar on Malaria Prevention and Control” project undertaken by Fosun Pharma is highly appreciated by most African and southeast Asian countries. Since 2006, Fosun Pharma has totally undertaken eight Seminar on Malaria Prenventation and Control projects, through which we have built a professional project management team with profound understanding of foreign aid training, proficiency in foreign languages. The Fosun Pharma team is highly appreciated by recipient governments and participants.